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Customer Reviews

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“Took a car in for a pre-purchase inspection (didn't end up buying the car).

Was immediately impressed by the size and cleanliness of the shop. But it was the customer service that earned my five star rating. John was helpful, friendly, attentive and honest. He really went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. Both he and Steve (owner) really know their cars, and clearly have a great relationship with their long-term customers.

Definitely intending to return to this excellent shop.”

Cameron B. - Los Angeles CA



“Minus one star because they are a little more expensive than "discount" mechanics in the area, but four stars because they (1) thoroughly explain what is wrong with your car including bringing up a diagram of the exact model of your car, (2) are very friendly, and (3) have a shuttle to drive you to work.”

Lindsay L. - San Francisco CA



“AWESOME! I never thought I'd write a review about an auto repair shop but I had to do it for this place.
Is there such a thing as an honest repair shop....yes, and this is it! I bought my son a used car from a
local dealer and it was a lemon. I brought it here to get it fixed and rather than trying to rip me off, these
guys called the dealer on my behalf and told them to refund my $9000 because they sold me a piece of crap...and they did it!!!!!

I've since brought in my other car and referred two other people here and they've been great to everyone.
Fair prices and they know what they're doing and don't rip you off!!!”

JJ F. - Huntington Beach CA



“So I haven't actually been here yet, but I just got off the phone with them and I had to commend them for the excellent service.
My Volvo's been smelling rather fuel-y recently and a lot of people think it's a gas leak. The guy over the phone was able to
semi-diagnose the problem and provide me with three things to check before dropping off my car. Those three things were
really simple (like checking the fuel cap), and I'm happy that finally, there's a mechanic who's honest and at least provides
cheaper alternatives for solutions.

If I do have to go in, I'll update this review.”

Florence, C. - Irvine Ca.



“I had to recently come back here again to handle my s60's scandal, and like before I took in the morning ,and picked it
up later in the afternoon. The manager Steve once again checked me in. A few hours later, he called me and told me
what the problems where and the estimate of charges. Euro cars are $$$ to fix so that is always going to upset me,
but the fact that these guys have a lot of Volvo enthusiasts and regulars visit them makes me feel a little better about
taking my ride here to get fixed.”

Kelly H. Tustin, Ca.



“Had really great service here.

I brought my Volvo in after taking it to the Swedish Mechanic. Another great mechanic in the Irvine Spectrum area.
The Swedish guy told me that there were three things wrong with my car that he recommended fixing. I took it to
Swedish Asian and they told me the same thing. Here's the kicker. Why I will probably go to Swedish Asian over
the Swedish mechanic although they're both really good. Swedish Asian took me out to the garage area and showed
me visually the three things that needed repair. They also told me which ones I needed immediately and which ones
they thought could wait, so I didn't have to pay for everything at once. They have a waiting area with free Wifi if you want
to wait for your car. They also have a shuttle service to drop you off at your home or office. Waiting in the lounge area
can be a little like being in a cult. They seem to have a lot of long-time customers who just loved this mechanic. They
were all extolling the virtues of the Swedish Asian Auto Service.

So, I'm going to Swedish Asian because:
1) Free Wifi
2) They actually showed me the inside of the car
3) Customers seem very satisfied (just don't ask me to drink the Kool-Aid.
4) Shuttle service (in case I decide not to hang out)
5) Service other non-Swedish cars.
My other car is a Honda so I will be able to bring both cars here.”

Kyung L. Irvine, Ca.



“We've been taking our two Subaru's to Swedish Asian for eight years and wouldn't go anywhere else - in fact we live a good 25 - 30 miles away and still find it worth the extra drive to have these guys take care of our cars. Why? They're straight shooters. Here's what I mean: (1) With one exception, they've always come in at or below their initial estimate, (2) on several occasions they've said something like "the [insert mechanical sounding term here] is on it's way out, but you can postpone changing it out for another [x] miles", and (3) they offer a one-year warranty on all work they do and they actually stand by it.

They're a great bunch of people - very friendly, and the couple of times my wife has dropped her car off they treated her very kindly and respectfully.”

Lee C.



“All my cars go to Swedish! For the past 25 years Steve, Tim, John and the crew have cared for my Volvo, Vette, Corolla, and Maxima. It's like taking my car to my brother(s). I trust them like family and the work is ALWAYS well done, priced fairly, and only what's needed- no ups or extras. Thanks guys, I'll be seeing you again soon.”

Love, Julia



“Don't let the name fool you!! This place covers most foreign+domestic cars. I'm not usually a big contributor but I cannot stop but leave a 5 star here. I took my infiniti FX35 to two places prior to here.

(1) Tustin Infiniti = Quoted me $1000+ and he said the amount might change depending on labor(hour)
(2) Local auto clinic = No Quote. Told me he can't do it.
(3) SWEDISH ASIAN = Quoted me WAAAY less than the dealer + free car Wash + Free shuttle service= BEST SERVICE Ever.

I would definitely come back to this shop. They treat you like a king!”

Paul K.


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