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Welcome to Ultra Window Tinting, we specialize in Automotive, Commercial & Residential Window Tinting. We are located in Santa Ana, but serve Irvine, Tustin, Orange and all of Orange County.

Ultra Window Tinting is not just another tint shop. We specialize in one thing and one thing only, Residential, Commercial and Automotive Window Tinting.

We have a simple philosophy; do things right the first time! With several years of experience, there is no such thing as a small job.

Whether you need your personal car tinted, your new home protected or a complete face lift on your office building, we believe that quality installation and the best customer service possible is what it takes to stay alive in any type of business.

Ultra Window Tinting is located in Santa Ana. If you are looking to have your commercial building or your personal home tinted, we again feel that your experience with us will be pleasant and professional.

We offer in home estimates seven days a week. We offer a wide range of window films depending on your application needs. Anti-graffiti films, non-reflective films, dual reflective films, ceramic films and even clear window films, we offer it all.

There are so many reasons to have your car tinted. Some buy window film because it looks so good. Others need U.V. protection, while many simply want to keep out the heat and reduce unwanted glare. Whether it's your first sports car or the family SUV, we have films that will give you the protection you are looking for.

We offer high performance Llumar window tinting films that are backed by some of the best manufacturer warranties in the industry. We offer films that are not only legal in the state of California but films that are signal friendly and safe for today's modern automobile.

These incredibly advanced films use a proprietary process to achieve an extraordinary level of protection. This protection has been specially designed with your car's electronic accessories in mind: LLumar windscreen films do not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or global positioning systems.

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Professional Window Tinting

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Solar Protection

The sun's rays can cause a car's interior to become unbearably hot. Installing a high performance window film can reduce your car's interior surface temperatures by as much as 16°C (29°F)… creating a more comfortable ride, lessening the burden on the air conditioning system, and saving fuel.

Ultraviolet Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to a vehicle's interior — and to human skin. LLumar film forms a protective barrier that blocks up to 99% of UV rays, which keeps your car's interior looking newer, longer, and shields you and your passengers from UV exposure.

Reduce Heat, Not Visibility

While other films employ very dark tinting to achieve similar levels of heat rejection, LLumar's windscreen film color is light enough to meet visible-light transmission laws worldwide. Its optical clarity and low reflectivity will not interfere with night driving. With our film in place, you and your car's interior will be shielded from the effects of solar radiation—and your car will be cooler, as well.

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