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Welcome to Pete's Autohaus! We specialize in the Repair, Service and Maintenance of BMW, Mercedes, and Mini Cooper Automobiles and SUV’s exclusively. Serving Torrance, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach and all of Los Angeles.

As an owner of either a BMW, MINI or MERCEDES BENZ, you have already separated yourself from the majority of other motorists. You have discriminating tastes and demand the very best in performance and quality. BMW and Mercedes Benz both have rich histories of engineering, performance and prestige. They are two of the most famous German-engineered cars in the world, yet they can also be strikingly different from one another in many areas. Pete's Autohaus knows and understands both BMW, MINI and MERCEDES BENZ. We've been specializing in these two elite marques since 1990, and manager Pete Balyan has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years. Pete's Autohaus services ONLY BMW, MINIand MERCEDES BENZ, keeping these two marques at the center of focus.

BMW, MINI and MERCEDES BENZ have always been at the leading edge of technology, and this evolution remains a constant. Cars of this level of technology require the very best in expert service knowledge. That is where Pete's Autohaus comes in. Because we service only these two brands, our expertise and knowledge provides our customers with the finest possible service experience. Our staff of qualified technicians perform services and repairs including engine, transmission, electronic fuel injection, anti lock brake system (ABS), heating and air conditioning/ climate control, electrical, computer-controlled systems diagnosis, and most important of all, maintenance. Vehicle maintenance is the absolute key to a car's long life and performance. Identifying small problem areas before they become bigger ones is critical in reducing overall cost of ownership. Remember that it is not necessary to take your vehicle to the dealership for servicing. Pete's Autohaus will perform expert factory-scheduled maintenance services on your vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

The best cars need not only expert servicing, but quality parts as well. Pete's Autohaus uses Original Equipment of Manufacture (OEM) parts exclusively. Using OEM parts keeps your Benz or Bimmer as authentic as the day it was built, with the exacting original quality of the manufacturer.

Looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle? Pete's Autohaus can perform a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle before it changes owners, with a comprehensive list of checks allowing all concerned parties to know the exact condition of the car. This can save the potential new owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. Pete's Autohaus is a member of the Southern California Automotive Service Council (ASCCA), with the highest level of ethics and integrity. If you need to leave your car with us for service, but your busy schedule needs you back at home or at the office, we offer a free shuttle ride to anywhere within a 5-mile radius. Need to wait for service? Enjoy a cup of coffee in our waiting lounge with books, magazines and TV for your enjoyment. You demand the best out of your car, you've shown that. Now it's time to demand the best service for your car. Let Pete's Autohaus be your BMW, MINI and MERCEDES BENZ Center. Feel free to give us a call at (310) 320-3033. The staff at Pete's Autohaus looks forward to keeping your fine car in top condition for years to come!

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Pete's Autohaus specializes in the repair, service and maintenance of BMW and Mercedes vehicles

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We are your Dealer alternative for all BMW Mini, and Mercedes repair, service and maintenance!


BMW Mercedes repair, service and maintenance specialists


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We perform all Factory Scheduled Maintenance strictly as per Factory Specifications.

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