Searching For A Reliable Auto Repair Facility?

Not always easy, is it? Searching for a reliable auto repair facility can be confusing business ... who can you trust? What do you do if something goes wrong? AAA has the answers.

While there are many quality repair facilities, each Approved Auto Repair (AAR) facility is carefully screened and monitored to assure it meets our tough standards and criteria. Sheet metal, paint, glass, and upholstery are not included in the AAR program, although some AAR facilities may offer these services.

The facility listing used in the AAR Online Search is updated regularly. We recommend, however, that when you visit one of these shops, look for the official Approved Auto Repair Sign to be certain it is still part of the AAR Program.

All motorists, whether or not they are AAA members have the following protection provided by the AAR program:

There is an additional benefit to AAA members when using an AAR facility. AAR facilities have agreed to accept the Auto Club's decision when a member is concerned about the quality of repairs or service.

If you need assistance in resolving a problem about repairs performed by an AAR facility, and a satisfactory solution cannot be reached with the facility management, contact us via e-mail; or if you prefer, call us at 1-800-797-4231, weekdays, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.