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If you consider your vehicle your prized possession, allow us to revive and restore your auto or motorcycle paint to it's original shine and showroom condition. Conventional detailing using a buffer won’t really get rid of all the swirls & scratches. Logic tells you that regardless of the type of buffer pad used, even when the vehicle was previously washed clean, the pad accumulates dust particles and lint from the same pad, which in turn creates more swirls and scratches.

DP Tint Paint Shield Tustin, CA 92780

Why Lunaz?

Our Lunaz original shine process is so revolutionary in the industry that we have a patent pending on it.
We don’t use wax, and WE DON'T USE FOAM OR WOOL PADS!
Lunaz Shine is our revolutionary product that restores your paint to its original factory shine!

Once our job is finished to it’s original shine, we apply a sealant coat which allows our process to last, on the average, for a year.

Most detailers will use an orbital buffer with either a foam or wool pad. In the case of a foam pad, minute dirt particles accumulate in the tiny holes in the foam. Once enough particles have accumulated, they start slightly scratching the paint and swirls begin to appear. In the case of a wool pad, the fibers/ hairs are matted, collecting dirt and contaminants, so in the case of a delicate color such as black, all the dirt & contaminants are the ones creating more swirls & scratches. Therefore, when using a buffer, one can simply say that trying to remove scratches creates more scratches. Additionally, buffers haze the paint not allowing you to see how much of the clear coat is removed and it's getting closer to the actual paint. Even the latest products using Nanotechnology will actually bury and hide scratches, which eventually with time will begin to re-appear.

Lunaz Shine is the ultimate protection to keep your vehicle looking as good as it did the day it was driven off the lot.
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We Accept:

We all know that Black is the hardest color to detail, and with our process, we successfully remove 100% of all swirl marks and 95% of paint scratches. When we finish with our work, we’ll even let you spray alcohol for you to see what’s under the sealant coat. No other detailer will dare to do that. They’ll even tell you it will damage the paint. You don't have to take our word for it, our customer's testimonials speak volumes. Give us a call today, or better yet, come by one of our locations, and we'll gladly answer all your questions and show you some before and after pictures.


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